Action Alert - The Minnesota Conference Transportation Committee needs your voice!

May 8, 2023

First, The Good News!
Both the House and Senate Transportation bills fund the 2nd Twin Cities to Chicago train, and they both provide money for the Northern Lights Express (NLX) Twin Cities to Duluth passenger rail service.

But, Here's The Issue
The House and Senate bills are far apart on the amount of money provided to fund passenger rail service in Minnesota, especially for NLX. The Transportation Conference Committee is meeting now to reconcile the differences between the two bills for final passage.

Please contact House and Senate Transportation Committee Chairs and tell them you want the House version of the Transportation Bill that fully funds passenger rail!

House Transportation Committee Chair:
Rep. Frank Hornstein
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 651-296-9281

Senate Transportation Committee Chair:
Senator Scott Dibble
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 651-296-4141

Other support in the House Transportation Bill, not provided in the Senate version:

1. Money to provide more MnDOT staffing for passenger rail projects and planning, which is greatly needed
2. The ability for MnDOT to buy into the Midwest Passenger rail car pool, which will provide new equipment for the 2nd Train, NLX and other new corridors
3. Money to fund a comprehensive St. Paul, MN to Fargo/Moorhead corridor study, which could extend long distance passenger rail from St. Paul to Fargo on a daytime schedule, greatly enhancing this corridor

Even though the House and the Senate Transportation bills differ in funding amounts, we are very grateful to Rep. Hornstein, and Senator Dibble for their support of passenger rail.

Please make your voice heard today! This could be the most significant opportunity to advance passenger rail service in Minnesota since 1985!

THANK YOU for your support!