Press Release - First Ever Upper Midwest Rail Summit

May 24, 2018

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For immediate release: May 24, 2018
First Ever Upper Midwest Regional Passenger Rail Summit June 1, 2018

Event to educate and activate stakeholders and the public on passenger rail expansion,
including Amtrak, commuter rail, and light rail transit.

May, 24 2018 (St. Paul, MN ) The passenger rail advocacy group All Aboard Minnesota in
conjunction with The Rail Users Network is encouraging community members throughout
the upper Midwest to learn more about plans for more rail passenger service as part of a
balanced transportation network with a public event on June 1, 2018.
The event will offer an opportunity to see the proposed plans for more rail service between
the Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago, Duluth, Des Moines and Kansas City, in addition to
what the proposed plans are for more commuter and light rail service around the Twin
Cities metro area. The event will offer the opportunity to learn about large scale benefits for
the economy that passenger rail represents, as well as what community members can do to
make these proposed plans happen.

The Upper Midwest Regional Passenger Rail Summit takes place Friday, June 1, from
8:00am to 4:30pm, at the downtown Minneapolis Hennepin County Central Library,
located at 300 Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, MN. “Anyone who currently uses passenger
rail service and advocates of alternative transportation are all great audiences for this
event,” said All Aboard Minnesota President Brian Nelson. “We will focus on how those in
the upper Midwest will benefit personally and the economic benefits of adding more rail
passenger service.” Richard Rudolph, Chairman of the Rail Users Network added, “This
first ever regional rail summit for the upper Midwest will offer a very holistic view of the plans
for long distance service and light rail transit, and what additional rail service can do to
balance the transportation picture for all citizens.”

Speakers include Brian Lamb-General Manager of Metro Transit to give an update on light
and commuter rail expansion, MN House Rep. Alice Hausman to provide her view on
funding for passenger rail in Minnesota, Dan Krom-MnDot State Rail Passenger office
director to give an update on the State Passenger Rail plan, Kevin Brubaker –
Environmental Law & Policy Center to discuss how additional rail passenger service has
benefited communities in the upper Midwest, among other speakers.

The afternoon will include a round-table forum from the leading rail advocacy groups from
the Twin Cities, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota to discuss their plans for making more rail
service a reality. Nelson believes additional rail service is essential for a more connected
Minnesota. “For too long, Minnesota has mainly focused on transportation funding for
roads, bridges and airways exclusively. Our peer states, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and
Missouri have recognized that additional passenger rail services can be added for less cost,
provide great mobility benefits, are definitely greener that cars or airplanes, and should be
part of a balanced transportation system,” said Nelson. Rudolf offered, “We are excited to
have this meeting in Minnesota. There is so much potential for additional rail services and if
the public is educated about it, they will realize the benefits for the economy and mobility
that other transportation options cannot provide.”

About All Aboard Minnesota.
All Aboard Minnesota is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit advocacy and education organization
focused on the expansion and development of more long distance rail passenger service as
part of a balanced transportation system. We are dedicated to the development of fast,
comfortable, frequent, intercity passenger train services within and connecting Minnesota to
the upper Midwest.
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